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Our Board

A committed group of community leaders is responsible for the governance, management and mandate of Easter Seals Nova Scotia. The following currently serve as our volunteer Directors of the Board:

Board Executive

Adriana Dolnyckyj, Chairperson 

Joan MacLeod, 1st Vice Chairperson

Mary Ellen Byrne, 2nd Vice Chairperson

Diana Burns, Treasurer

Gina McFetridge, Executive Member at Large


Conrad Coughlan, Director

Sarah Flynn, Director

Mark Hobbs, Director

Marakesh MacLauchlan, Director

Michelle Mahoney, Director

Stephen Maltby, Director

Sean Murphy, Director

Julie Robinson, Director

Brian Tapper, Director

Our President & CEO, Henk van Leeuwen, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Easter Seals Nova Scotia. Henk joined our organization in the summer of 2013. He has a broad range of experiences working to strengthen the communities we live in. This includes working and volunteering for not-for-profit organizations, and several years serving in a variety of production and leadership roles at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation centres such as Calgary, Charlottetown, Cape Breton, and Halifax. You can contact Henk at henk@easterseals.ns.ca.