Kiera Sparks Lucas - Ambassador & Camp Tidnish Camper

Kiera Sparks Lucas - Ambassador & Camp Tidnish Camper
Easter Seals Nova Scotia's Ambassador, Kiera Sparks Lucas, has a physical disability and she approaches this world differently than many others her age. But, she dreams big and is determined to accomplish her goals. With perseverance, and a little help from Easter Seals Nova Scotia, she continues to be unstoppable!

“Kiera is and has always been unstoppable. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after birth and no one was sure what she would be able to do. She rose to every challenge, surprising doctors by learning and overcoming obstacles in her own time."

"She wants to be a motivational speaker when she grows up, and being the Easter Seals Ambassador has helped her gain the confidence she needs to pursue her dream. Her public speaking skills have grown immensely over the past two years." - Michelle, Kiera's mom

"Having a disability is a new learning experience every day, but I never let it stop me from doing the things I love."

"Having special needs is all about the perspective and how you look at things. There is so much more to me than what people sometimes see when they look at me."

"I love Camp Tidnish because I make new friends and make special memories. It is so great that Easter Seals has this camp so people like me can have a camping experience that we may not be able to if Camp Tidnish wasn’t there." - Kiera