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Our Mission

Easter Seals Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization and registered charity based in Halifax. We advocate for a barrier-free Nova Scotia and provide top-quality services promoting mobility, inclusion and independence for Nova Scotians with disabilities. We have served Nova Scotians with disabilities for several decades. Our office is in Halifax, although we help children, youth, and adults from Yarmouth to Cape Breton.

In 2015-16, 2,700 Nova Scotians with disabilities participated in or benefitted from our programs. By extension, we help thousands of other Nova Scotians. We help families of persons with disabilities access one of our programs for a loved one, or others who seek guidance in accessing community support. Please read our 2015-16 Annual Report to learn how we help Nova Scotians living with a disability.

The need to support Nova Scotians with disabilities is great. According to Statistics Canada and data from the NS Disabled Persons Commission, nearly 20 per cent of Nova Scotians identify themselves as living with a disability. This is the highest provincial percentage in the country. Our programs are designed to enable Nova Scotians with disabilities to participate in camp, sport, and active living programs, to have access to affordable wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, and to acquire workplace skills.

Nova Scotians with disabilities seek equality and inclusion, and access to independence and opportunities that come with full citizenship. Our ongoing work involves meeting their needs and aspirations.

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